A UN’s vehicle under attack last thursday near Hama in Syria

There is a killing. The police is called immediately to investigate The first responders and the first police officers try to reach the crime scene and the government forces doesn’t let them reach the site for two days even shooting at the officers who are trying to perform their duty. Who is the prime suspect in this story? For everyone who had read or watch a mystery story the answer is like one plus one makes two: the Government doesn’t want anyone to know what happened there. It’s buying time to conceal evidences, make disappear witness or buy them, or who knows what. This is what happened the last two days in Syria.

If the Al Assad regime has nothing to hide to the UN’s Observers, Why send troops and civilian supporters to stop the UN’s observers from investigation the massacre of al least 78 people, all civilians, including women and children in a little village called Qubeir, near Hama?. Now Al Assad can blame “terrorists” or whoever and say that his blame has the force of his word against the word of the “rebels” for the killing of that people in a village of bedouins. But the observers can blame his people to have shot against them, unarmed peace envoys to “observe” and not engage in battles, which is an attack to the UN plan the same Assad accepted in his conversations with the former UN’s Secretary General Kofi Annan weeks ago.

The observers entered today the village and they will make their report, but the principal question is still without answer: Who and how will stop this bloodshed?

When the observers entered Qubeir, the government troops began to  heavily bomb again Homs. In this case, Khalidiyah neighborhood. The war continues. Yes, the war, because if this is not a war what is it?. How would you name it?. According with Al Jazeera, Homs’ shelling yesterday was  at a rate of 10 per minute, making it the most intense since March 2011.

And then, after the attack against the observers last thursday near Hama, the Countries who send Blue Berets are scared and willing to know if the UN will change the terms of the mission.

The worst part is that we have seen this many times before (Croatia, Bosnia, Africa…) and nothing changes. It is worth to observe with detail how people die in cruelty and injustice and then do nothing?

I don’t think so.

Please UN, do something. Russia, China, do something in the Security Council with your veto and explain which interests in Syria are for your regimes more important than the life and agony of all this people.

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