Egypt - Presidential Election 2012

Egypt – Presidential Election 2012 (Photo credit: UN Women Arab States)

It seems that after all the troubles doesn’t matter who will win the presidential elections in Egypt, probably Mr. Mohamed Morsi, from the Muslim Brotherhood, because according Al Jazzera, Sameh Ashour, the head of council advising the Armed Forces, told today without knowing the results that

“The upcoming president will occupy the office for a short period of time, weather or not he agrees. His office term will be short despite the huge efforts exerted in the election campaigns. “This is simply because a new constitution will be drafted, followed by new parliamentary elections to take on the legislative power; and therefore it is not possible in any event for the president to remain in office after a new constitution comes to the light.”

That means the military are drafting a Constitution keeping the power for themselves as they had it in times of Mubarak. I can’t think in any other explanation

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