English: Over 1 million protestors in Tahrir S...

English: Over 1 million protestors in Tahrir Square. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Egypt‘s ruling military put things on the edge not releasing the official results of the elections as promised and giving statements that supposed threatens against the stability and “the higher interests” of the Country, and everybody is back again at Tahrir Square in Cairo to protest and to for the moment observe the protesters.

For the military the release of unofficial presidential poll results by candidates is an attack that “threatens the stability and national security of Egypt” and its perpetrators “will be confronted with utmost firmness and strength by the police and armed forces within the law”.

Right now, the unofficial results says that Mr. Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood‘s candidate is the winner and his party had released its estimated results days ago.

When the Superior Council of Armed Forces or SCAF announced it will make a statement today, friday, everybody was expecting would be the official results pending from the day before, but then was no results but this menacing words. By then thousands were at the Tahrir Square, and many more poured to the streets after that. The protests are going on and will continue as a later statement from the same Mohammed Morsi said. “We will continue to protest for the reason that we wish for the welfare and stability of Egypt -we are all for the official results- to officially announce the presidential results without further delay”.

Mr. Morsi made an appeal for unity: “The vice president will not be from the same party. My vice president and deputies could be women, Christian, or young menu or even from the previous presidential candidates. We will continue to work, and continue to peacefully demonstrate, and we all work to safeguard the country” .

He concluded saying: “If I am at the forefront of this united front, I declare before you, this united front will not sideline the others. We cannot shake the stability of security of the homeland”.

All this was said while the facts are more than worrying. The SCAF dissolved the Parliament on the eve of the elections and made a supplemental constitutional declaration aimed to make the mandate of the next president very short and without almost powers and now is delaying the results and calling in fact the supposed outcome a threat to the country, and they have the power and the weapons.

The ousting of the last president Mubarak and his process was a smoke curtain. The real change in Egypt will come when arrives to the door of the SCAF and the rulers of the Armed Forces. Meanwhile, all back to Tahrir Square, because there is no Parliament, the SCAF dissolved it and there is no other way than protest on the streets. A very dangerous situation.

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