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A friend of mine living in Kinshasa, Congo, posted in Facebook that she was invited to dinner in a restaurant but she couldn’t  go because the place was in flames. The first truck of firefighters that arrived had water, but the pump didn’t work. The second had a good pump, but no water, and nothing was possible to do in time. She said that some weeks ago the same firefighters station was destroyed by the flames!.

I live in Pamplona, Spain. We are near the fiesta of San Fermin. I went some days ago to the “Tombola”, a charitable raffle to collect money for the poor with prizes donated by benefactors, many of them very simple, a bag of candies, a can of fruits, a little toy, some bigger. I usually never win anything and only go to give money to the organization (Caritas) in this and many other ways. But some days ago, I get a prize: an invitation for a dinner for two in a restaurant in Pamplona. I went home happy, because it was near the wedding anniversary of my sister and I intended to give it to her as a gift, but I had to check if they had an elevator because the local was in the second floor of a building in the center of the city and my brother-in-law needed it. So I checked through the internet, the line was working and in seconds I had all the information I needed. I called my sister, and my phone was working, and in a few minutes all was ready. They went and enjoyed a wonderful dinner. I still helping this organization because I know I have many more than others in this Country in crisis. I have my monthly payment for now. I was able to buy a help to walk I need because of my illness, the elevators work in the buildings I use to visit. I have a grocery store near home with shelfs full of things. I don’t have too much money to buy, but there they are.

Every day, the newspaper, the TV, the radio, the internet are telling us how deep is the crisis in why we are living. But we don’t know what we have. We know what we are losing: richness and security. And still, things are working. the firefighters have water in their trucks, and they come when we call them. We are extremely lucky and we have to help others who live in insecurity and don’t know what is to be safe, like so many of our brothers in Africa.

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