Historically the olympic spirit made the countries at war to sustain truces during the games, but now the Olympics  are just a Public Opinion distractions from the wars of the world to the sports, and a perfect opportunity to the powerful to do and undo whatever they want getting unnoticed or at least less noticed […]

According to Al Jazeera, activist in Syria have posted a video online that they claim could potentially be evidence that the Syrian government is using chemical weapons in residential areas. The video, informs Al Jazeera,  shows a yellowish/orange smoke emanating during the shelling of a neighbourhood in Homs. The regime of Bashar Al Assad said many times […]

After the blast in Damascus that killed several top military officers of the Al Assad regime in Syria and the increase of bombings after that, US President Barack Obama spoke on the telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said to Interfax. As a whole the existing exchange of opinions shows […]

A year ago I wrote from my city Pamplona, Spain just at the end of the “fiesta” of San Fermin, worldly known because of the running of the bulls described by Ernst Hemingway long ago, an entry about how I though the bulls of the economic crisis the “Arab Spring” and all the other African […]

“The Russian support, the Iranian support and the hesitation or the inability of the international community to protect the Syrian people are the main reasons why the regime is buying time and why the regime is staying for a longer period of time. But from inside, the regime is dead. Economically, socially, in all domains […]

After another massacre with at least 200 dead people, Russia has used its veto to eliminate all threat from the condemnation by the Security Council of the UN aimed to stop the violence. Another useless paper. And then today the russian media confirmed that a ship is in her way to Syria with a cargo […]

As some of you know, if you have read my profile, I live in Pamplona, Spain. Today we celebrate San Fermin,the feast of our saint patron. Since yesterday noon, the city has exploded in joy and madness as Ernst Hemingway described in his novel that made this city worldly known. That moment is the subject […]