Chupinazo/Olga Brajnovic 2012 (Watercolor)

As some of you know, if you have read my profile, I live in Pamplona, Spain. Today we celebrate San Fermin,the feast of our saint patron. Since yesterday noon, the city has exploded in joy and madness as Ernst Hemingway described in his novel that made this city worldly known. That moment is the subject of my humble painting that is posted with this text, when all begins, with the so-called “Chupinazo” when from the balcony of the City Hall they announce the beginning of the feast and everybody is clothing in white, yelling Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermin! (this last in bask) holding the symbolic red scarfs in high and drinking to celebrate. Today was de first running of the bulls

with one runner wounded by one bull. The city is full of people and there are almost 2.000 foreign journalists covering the events.

For many of the people is a way to forget for a few days the problems we are living. For one week nothing but feast and celebration. For the people from Pamplona is a tradition to keep. And they enjoy the celebrations much more after the weekend when much of the foreigners go back home and the city is calmer and more at the disposition of the ones at home. Not today, because, despite is Saturday, is the big day of the saint San Fermin, and there is the procession of the image of the saint along the streets of the old city one of the most dear and happy moments for the Pamplona’s citizens and their children.

All the people in the street, I guess, know that the feast doesn’t fix the problems, the crisis, the unemployment and all the worries we have around here and neither the biggest problems of the world I intend to continue to discuss here. I was thinking in the killing of Christians in Nigeria and Kenya, in the situation in Syria and the tension with Turkey, The situation in Palestine, the killings in Iraq. I can’t forget all that even in the middle of the “fiesta”. Maybe is why I can rest and I feel usually so tired.

As long as all this people celebrating don’t forget solidarity, now or after the celebration maybe after the diversion without too much excesses is worthy to rest from the problems and come back to the fight with new strength . Who knows. For my part. I’m perplexed, except in traditions like today’s procession and other old events unique of this “Fiesta” I still enjoy like the first day and make me happy.

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  1. That’s a lovely painting! You would win the posters’ contest.
    I think it’s good to forgot world’s problems for a few days. I disagree with the people who want to forgot drinking or shouting.
    Sorry for my english

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