Bombing in Termseh

After another massacre with at least 200 dead people, Russia has used its veto to eliminate all threat from the condemnation by the Security Council of the UN aimed to stop the violence. Another useless paper. And then today the russian media confirmed that a ship is in her way to Syria with a cargo of war helicopters for the regime of Bashar Al Assad. A clear fact that there is no will to stop the violence if they are rearming the regime. They said that there are Syrian helicopters repaired, but is a suspicious explanation for that kind of cargo just now, at least for me.

The weapons are no made to stop violence when there are shipped to a Country in war. politician, still talking about a “conflict”, but what people is experiencing in Syria is a war. I recommend you to read a blog entry of a citizen of Homs, the sieged city, published by Al Jazeera, that explained how people expect it would be the “Syrian spring” and how they found themselves in a war attacked by their own government and accepted the defense of the only ones who knew how ton handle guns. He is talking about the rebels of Homs.

If what the ohm’s citizen describes there is not a war, then I don’t know any more what’s a war. And is clear that the regime of Bashar Al Assad is not willing to stop it with declarations of good will.

Recently he charged against Turkey after the incident of the turkish plain drowned in Syrian air space. Al Assad has said in an interview that “Turkey has given every logistical support to terrorists who killed our people”. He also said that the prime minister Erdogan has interfered in his internal affairs and doing so”Has unfortunately rendered Turkey as a party in the following period in all the bloody incidents in Syria”. Pretty serious accusations. Almost a declaration of war.

But turkey is in NATO and can ask help there.

So, now the situation of Syria depends from the outside of the determinations of two big forces:

Russia, who had to change its position towards the Al Assad regime and admit threats against it to stop the violence

NATO: a way to overrule Russia, that is not in it, because can threat Syria if considers its accusations against Turkey excessive. This could put pressure to Al Assad and maybe make in stop and accept the work of the observes of the UN or a cease-fire or a negotiation o transition. But this right now seems so far away….. too far away for the millions of people who are living in situation of violence for more than a year and in situation of open war for months.

That’s what I think.

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