The running of the bulls in Pamplona 2012/ photo Pachi Calleja

The running of the bulls in Pamplona 2012/ photo Pachi Calleja

A year ago I wrote from my city Pamplona, Spain just at the end of the “fiesta” of San Fermin, worldly known because of the running of the bulls described by Ernst Hemingway long ago, an entry about how I though the bulls of the economic crisis the “Arab Spring” and all the other African uprisings were crushing the politicians who couldn’t run so fast as the bulls do because they didn’t look at them in time to measure the distance, the massive shape and the speed of the problems developing behind them, as the runners in Pamplona do. Reading that entry now, I saw that there is almost nothing to change in it except to improve the language.

The rulers of the World (Presidents of the big and rich Countries, UN, NATO, EU…) seem to realize that the bulls of the crisis, conflicts and wars are too much for them, out of shape to run fast enough and have look for a safe post behind the barricades to watch how ordinary people deal with the danger. The picture by Jose Luis Ollo I posted last year was all figurative and symbolic: a sax player in front of a barricade with a painting of the bulls coming, like not noticing that the false bull was right going to hit him. But he was not in danger. This is the vision of the politicians, symbolic, far away from the real danger: that is for the citizens.

In my post this year the picture by Pachi Calleja is the real stuff. Bulls with sharp horns and the citizens dealing with them. The first one is doing good, measuring the distance with the help of a newspaper in his hand and running well in front of the beast. But the three guys at the left have been ran over and they are in danger because there are more bulls coming.

Down in the street, the danger is real, the problems of our days are real, the Countries living in violence have their people in constant, real danger and fear for their lives. In the barricades or up in the balconies all is different the danger is far away, is for others. And the lives wasted it seem there’s not their problem, but it is. Sure it is.

I said before that somehow my entry from a year ago still current but I realize this: Politicians don’t run the bulls, most of them are not courageous enough. they watch the run safely from the balconies to see who survive, who run well, who is wounded and who die, and then, when the run is over, maybe, maybe then will decide to do something.

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