According to Al Jazeera, activist in Syria have posted a video online that they claim could potentially be evidence that the Syrian government is using chemical weapons in residential areas. The video, informs Al Jazeera,  shows a yellowish/orange smoke emanating during the shelling of a neighbourhood in Homs. The regime of Bashar Al Assad said many times that they never will use unconventional weapons against their people but the danger is there in a desperation and chaos like today.

Its not sufficient crime to use war weapons against their people, against civilians neighbourhoods, or set up sieges around towns?. So where is the red line? Shelling homes full of civilians is OK using tanks is not bad, mortars are good, but chemical weapons are only for strangers. That was the idea. But after all that we have seen in this Syrian war, who will believe the regime keeping promises like this one?

If this is true, and the regime is using chemical weapons to destroy Homs and its citizens, this is an escalation that needs an immediate answer. But I’m not naïf. I know the drill. They’ll say that the building shelled it was made of orange bricks, and the allegations need an investigation, before some gruesome images of dead bodies tell the real story. And then they can say that the images are from another massacre not investigated before. Well, we have read a lot of reports like that.

The behaviour of the  regime of Al Assad until now make believable the use of chemical weapons in this war and its a shame that nobody has stop this bloodshed instead of talk and talk and talk in the Security Council of the UN with Russia and China still defending this massacre.

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