“He’s Arab, it’s forbidden for him to be here” – an everyday tale from Hebron.

I have a friend who is walking from Santiago, Spain to Jerusalem in behalf of an association of families with people ill of Alzheimer who is already in Croatia after doing almost 1,900 miles. One of is friends advised him in is blog to be careful, entering the Balkans, “land of tribal fights” “Religion fundamentalism”, […]

I reblog an entry from Shahd Abusalama from Gaza written on her birthday because she expressed her wishes and dreams of freedom peacefully and because I just read  the same day a note about a Report from the UN that warned that the Palestinian strip where she is dwelling (and trapped) will not livable by […]

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@MaathMusleh I hope! I'll meet u in my precious #Jerusalem next yr & take a drive 2 #Jaffa's beach & celebrate my B.day in Free #Palestine ) —   (@ShahdAbusalama) August 23, 2012 This is my favorite birthday wish. My friend Maath from Jerusalem started it and then…

It seems that Anders Behring Breivik was proud to hear that the court consider him sane after the killing of 77 in Oslo and the Island of Utoya for racist motives. Maybe for him that is a reassurance that his hate is reasonable not insane, but the truth is that his hate is evil not […]

No wonder Breivik was smiling when he heard the sentence on his trial for the killings in Oslo and Utoya Island with 77 dead people. He was pronounced guilty and will be sentenced to at least 21 years of prison! That means that when he will be 54 will be free again to act according his […]

Just when Lebanon was trying to move from the long decades of military dominion from Syria, and after recovering from the war with Israel years ago, has found itself again in a foreign conflict eroding its own soil with this Syrian nightmare. A land already full of Palestinian refugees is now receiving another wave, now […]