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My poor little Lebanon, land of foreign wars
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Dialog and diplomacy, Middle East, World and Politics on August 21, 2012 0 Comments
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Tripoli clashes/

Just when Lebanon was trying to move from the long decades of military dominion from Syria, and after recovering from the war with Israel years ago, has found itself again in a foreign conflict eroding its own soil with this Syrian nightmare.

A land already full of Palestinian refugees is now receiving another wave, now from Syria and this time with the war crossing over the borders again with abductions of Syrians in Lebanese territory, a border that is a land mine, and lately deep violence: clashes between pro and anti Al Assad regime supporters in Tripoli, Lebanon second largest city divided by a road named of all names Syria street. At one side there is the Sunni area anti Syrian and at the other side the mostly Alawite area more pro al Assad regime, or pro restore the old geo military political situation with Damascus, according to observers.

There is no too much strength need to destabilize Lebanon after decades of Syrian domination and strong feelings pro and against them. With 17 months of violence in the neighbourhood, a strong possibility that the Al Assad regime can fall and a wave of refugees anti regime is too much. Let’s hope this clashes in Tripoli are only an outburst and not a beginning of something bigger. Above all now that Obama has drawn a red line with the use of Chemical weapons by Al Assad as a reason for a hypothetical intervention and Russia and China had threaten “The west” against “Unilateral actions” in Syria. And the Chemical weapons can travel fast in the narrow distance of the border cities in siege to the other side.

Wich is so sad in Lebanon is how everybody – at least Israel and Syria- seems to feel with the right to avoid the borders of that little Country and continue their wars in its territory without any permission or consideration with the people and it’s rights and liberties.

My poor little Lebanon, land of so many foreign wars, let’s hope that some day we will see you as a place of foreign respect and peace. You deserve it.

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