flowers and flags in tribute to the victims of the Utoya massacre

No wonder Breivik was smiling when he heard the sentence on his trial for the killings in Oslo and Utoya Island with 77 dead people. He was pronounced guilty and will be sentenced to at least 21 years of prison! That means that when he will be 54 will be free again to act according his ideas “against the multiculturalism in Norway” the explanation he gave to his horrendous crime with no remorse. A reader explain me that in Norway if the justice system consider him dangerous can keep him in jail more time even for life. Let’s hope they do that. But the sentence is the sentence.

I’m not a scholar in Norway’s law, but I suppose it works similarly like in Spain and other European Countries. There is no life sentence, and the maximum is in Spain 30 years and it seems than in Norway 21. So, no matter you kill one or 80 people the ceiling is that. In the case of Breivik the result of this system is that he will serve less than 4 months, a little more than 3 months for each life he took. I know better the situation in Spain with the sentences against terrorists perpetrators of several killings that finally have sentences that with this system result in 2 years for people killed or something like that, while some drug addict caught selling something once can be 4 years in prison, or a burglar who doesn’t live victims, can be sentenced to 10 or 14 years. And then in the prison system there are benefits for good behaviour that even the killers can obtain to reduce the sentence. I saw with may own eyes a terrorist command with allegedly 18 dead people and many wounded in their belts I reported when they were caught, get free in 25 years, a man who killed his wife walking with permits in ten years, and many other examples in my time as a reporter in courts.

What worries me is that if the sentence against Anders Behring Breivik for the massacre he did is that of 21 years, he can be free as a 54 years old man if they don’t consider him a danger by then. But a 54, he will be a man with plenty of energy to do whatever he wants. And what he wants now is a horrible machination of a criminal racist mind. Kill the people different, no worthy to be norwegian at his eyes. Is what he said. He had to change a lot. And he can pretend to change to get out. or who knows what. Let’s hope the norwegian justice will consider him extremely dangerous to keep him in jail for life and don’t allow a person with that convictions hit the streets again  and  have ready an answer and don’t let him smile listening a decision about his future and his “sanity” any more.

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  2. If there is a way to keep him in prison for life, that’s good news I didn’t know about that possibility in Norway’s laws. The rest of the comment about some European sentencing systems is valid I think.

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