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Oslo Cathedral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems that Anders Behring Breivik was proud to hear that the court consider him sane after the killing of 77 in Oslo and the Island of Utoya for racist motives. Maybe for him that is a reassurance that his hate is reasonable not insane, but the truth is that his hate is evil not insane. Extraordinary evil not merely insane and for that it has to be punished. But I think that part of the punishment has to be silence  him in his spread of his hate ideas. Isolate him from the rest of the world.

Evil is a capability  We all have as human beings and is a question of choice. Breivik apparently choose evil many times, when he choose hate, but ultimately when he decided to killed so many innocent people. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of people in the world, more than we think and want, who think that they are superior to others, by education, race, social position, nationality, and maybe even because they think they are more handsome than others. They can choose to live with that (ugh), be open and change (hope), hate the others because are a nuisance to them (evil), don’t be aware of their condition because they don’t have any conflict at hand. Those who hate the others can just live with hate or act against others (more evil). But most of them, I think are not crazy,  they simply chose an evil option in life.

There are entire Government systems based in evil choices in many countries around the world and you cannot say all this people is crazy. Only they opted for power at all cost, oppression against people they consider inferior, not able to enjoy human rights. The world is plenty of that kind of regimes, some in trouble now, some very secure and protected by the international community, and nobody says they are crazy. They are not. They choose an evil choice, the same that inspired Breivik’s massacre: consider themselves superior to the people they are oppressing, killing, have innocent people rotting in jails without trial or executed after summary trials.

We are all equal, human beings, children of God for the people with faith, with human rights, with the right to be respected as a person with a soul, a mind, feelings sensibility and dignity, no mater which race, social status, culture background,  that can live together in peace if they are willing to do so. This is the right choice

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