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English: Map of Gaza Strip, Stand December 2008 (SVG version of File:Gaza Strip map.png by Lencer) Français : Carte de la bande de Gaza (décembre 2008) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I reblog an entry from Shahd Abusalama from Gaza written on her birthday because she expressed her wishes and dreams of freedom peacefully and because I just read  the same day a note about a Report from the UN that warned that the Palestinian strip where she is dwelling (and trapped) will not livable by 2020, that means 8 years from now.

According to the report “The population of the Gaza Strip will increase from 1.6 million people today to 2.1 million people in 2020, resulting in a density of more than 5,800 people per square kilometre”. Infrastructures, electricity, water, sanitation and social services, are not “keeping pace with the needs of the growing population”. One of the biggest problems is the demand of drinking water, projected to increase by 60% untill 2020 while “damage to the aquifer, the major water source, would become irreversible without remedial action now”, says the report.

According to the UN by 2020 would be needed in Gaza more than 440 additional schools, 800 hospital beds and 1,000 doctors.

The territory is under blockade and suffers fuel shortage, power cuts and high levels of unemployment. The population, according the UN is 80% aid dependent.

The only solution to end de blockade is a solution in the conflict between the Palestinian government and Israel and Hamas and Israel and this is now not in sight. Severe restrictions in movements are in place. Must or almost all the people who live in the Strip is “trapped” there. This is why Shahd birthday’s dream to see Jerusalem is so out of reach for her. She can’t leave the Strip and travel to the other Palestinian territories nor to the Holy City of Jerusalem. She only can wait in Gaza for the “conflict” to end or easy. Wait, like all in Gaza, waiting for something to happen that opens the doors of that enormous jail in which they live.

Lately there have been some initiatives of peaceful protests like hunger strikes and others over the violent guerrilla actions that worsened the blockades and violent military retaliations.

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