I have a friend who is walking from Santiago, Spain to Jerusalem in behalf of an association of families with people ill of Alzheimer who is already in Croatia after doing almost 1,900 miles. One of is friends advised him in is blog to be careful, entering the Balkans, “land of tribal fights” “Religion fundamentalism”, and so on as was sought in a  recent war.  With my Croatian background I was hurt by the comment. The Country is at peace now. People are friendly and welcoming, Mediterranean style, above all in the places, my friend Guillermo is going to  visit. Anyway, I have been there nad I don’t know about “Tribal fights” because there are no “tribes”, and about religion fundamentalism, let’s say that there are people who take seriously their religion and others don’t. But during the recent war some leaders, today considered criminals, used the religious differences to inflame people and fulfil their geo-political interests, the first one, the creation ofthe failed big Serbia from which the others where defending themselves, and then the chaos that followed when all was falling apart.

It is easy to judge from outside and generalise But a war doesn’t mean that all the people in a country in conflict is a fundamentalist, or a  ultra-nationalist or a mass murderer because this things are happening. Most of the people are sufferers. Innocent human beings like so many others around the world that find themselves in an extreme situation, surrounded by violence. Usually they only have two options: cover and wait or fly.

Not all the Palestinians are terrorists, as they want to show us. Most of them are sufferers of a very difficult situation. Not all the Israelis are Palestinian haters as it seem in some news. Not all the Syrians are mass murderers, most of them are trying to survive an unthinkable war or find a way to fly the violence. Not all the Cubans are castrists, not all the Chinese are pro regime who doesn’t respect human rights despite is respected in the international community because of its economical power. Not all the North Koreans are Happy to be slaves.

I beleive in human beings and in the gathering of people always with their own thinking ,liberty, free clear conscience, freedom, to build the society

I believe in human beings more than in the masses. The masses can be manipulated easily and if they are prompted to act immediately, do what they wouldn’t if they would had time to think more and then, some observer can comment something about “tribal fights” simplify the problem, generalise and make it more understandable but also less real to the people who is looking puzzled from far away. Maybe from the ¿safe¿ Europe who was in war the last Century and from which decolonization and wars so many problems of today in the world are consequences. And then they think they can judge others? Please.

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