Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu drew, literally, a thick red line on a cartoon-like cardboard to represent the no cross point his government is prepared to wait before act in front of the capability of Iran to have a deadly nuclear bomb. “Red lines don’t lead to war; red lines prevent war”, he said. But the […]

President Obama used his address to the UN General Assembly today among other important things to try to teach extremists what means for Americans Free Speech after the killing ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Libya in the uprising provoked by the airing of a crude video mocking and insulting Muhammad made in the US by […]

Vladimir Putin is moving towards a cold-war mood. in a few days he canceled the 20 years-old USAID program for Russia and announced a huge defense industry modernization program. He decided to abruptly terminate all the USAID’s programs in Russia amid old-fashioned accusations that you can translated in that old soviet idea: this american aid […]

We are in the middle of the uprising of violence because of the video against the Prophet Mohammad that had spread through many muslim countries and produced violence against American  and western interests with deaths,  among them the killing of the first American ambassador fallen in duty in thirty years, Chris Stevens, in Libya, and […]

The visit of the Pope Benedict XVI to Lebanon has been a cry against fundamentalism and for peace and an act of courage from his part and from the part of the people who was following him in the acts of the trip above all the representatives of the churches and religions, the young people […]

“The happy coexistence of Islam and Christianity, two religions that have helped to shape great cultures, is what makes for the originality of social, political and religious life in Lebanon. One can only rejoice in this circumstance, which must absolutely be encouraged. I entrust this wish to the religious leaders of your country.” – Pope Benedict XVI

“I have also come to say how important the presence of God is in the life of everyone and how the manner of coexistence, this conviviality to which your country wishes to bear witness, will run deep only if it is founded upon a welcoming regard for the other and upon an attitude of benevolence, […]