Temple Mount and Western Wall during Shabbat

Temple Mount and Western Wall during Shabbat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A big disappointment about internal democracy in the democratic convention because of Jerusalem. The sentence “Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel” had been  removed from the platform because of the negotiations in progress about the future of the city backed by the Obama’s Administration. The criticism made the President and his people propose reinstall the phrase in the platform as it was in the one of 2008 saying that reflected the candidate’s wills in an election and not the president’s needs. And it was, but with a somehow manipulated vote.

When the reinstall of the phrase was proposed in a voice vote last Wednesday, it required two-thirds to be approved. Anyone who could see the event could hear that the voice vote was a tie between ayes and noes. The chairman had to repeat three times the vote without achieve a clear yes over the no, but no matter he declared at the third time that the restoration was approved by the two-thirds required with the frustration to the people who were voting so noisily  against the restoring of the phrase in the platform.

The fact was that the result of a voice vote was not recognised by the man who conducted the voting and the result was the one pre decided by the organisation. Vilaraigosa, instead,  made  do it three times because the result was not the one expected, and finally, no matter what, declared the vote decided by two-thirds to the proposal. He had to declared a tie from the beginning or not the two third required that by no ways was achieved in the vote at the third time. If not, what’s the sense to vote in a convention in a so sensitive an important subject?

At least among the people present at the Charlotte Convention the opinion about the consideration of Jerusalem as a capital of the state of Israel was clearly divided and maybe at 50%. Many people thought that Jerusalem belongs to Israelis, Christians and Arabs, or that its status is pending the international negotiations, but interests, fear to criticisms, groups with power like the AIPAC, force in the platforms other views.

The voice vote about the status of Jerusalem in Charlotte and its outcome was embarrassing and disappointing a sad moment for democracy in a party that call itself Democratic

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