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Minor tone
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Ethics, Our Life, World and Politics on September 12, 2012 0 Comments
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This 9/11 in New York was hard, like always, played in a minor tone like some sad and somehow talking about the loneliness of pain melody. No politicians, they said, that’s good. But no authorities at the memorial? It’s not the biggest tragedy of the city? Do the families of the victims deserve to stay alone eleven years after? I don’t think so. They can’t forget their loved ones gone forever that horrendous day. The city can’t either. If not there is a danger that the memory die with the families. I was really in shock reading today the papers and seeing that my local Spanish newspaper had more to say about the memorial in New York (one page) than the Herald Tribune, with only a picture in the front page. In many countries around the World that wound is yet fresh and open. It’s not for the authorities in New York?.

I was always impressed by the serenity of the memorials at the site of the biggest terrorist attack the world have known. The reading of the names, the silence, the bells, a music in a minor tone for everyone to heal the wounds still open.  Some say its time to put all this in a low-key. I think 11 years for almost 3,000 dead in one day is to short memory, and we can play minor tone according to our mood, but not fly low-key to forget the unforgettable.

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