We are in the middle of the uprising of violence because of the video against the Prophet Mohammad that had spread through many muslim countries and produced violence against American  and western interests with deaths,  among them the killing of the first American ambassador fallen in duty in thirty years, Chris Stevens, in Libya, and a French magazine decides to publish a series of cartoons mocking Mohammad again. As a precaution, France decided to close its embassies in 20 countries on Friday, the muslim day of prayer, and possibly a day of violence after that by the extremist groups like happened before.

France foreign minister Laurent Fabius asked yesterday if

given this absurd video that has been aired, strong emotions have been awakened in many Muslim countries. Is it really sensible or intelligent to pour oil on the fire?

A good question.

But a better question is why can’t we live or let live religion with mutual respect. What’s the prize of insulting the inner fillings or the religion of other people? The result is always suffering. Silent suffering if the insulted is a peacemaker, or a cry of indignation  or like in this case a spread of violence that provokes more suffering in the victims, mostly innocent victims, their families,  and worst, anger and more violence if some people go for the retaliation way.

I think mutual respect is the answer. I am against violence and I can’t understand this reaction. And yes, as a journalist I am pro free speech, but I don’t think that justifies everything. I don’t think nit justifies lie. Not lie against my religion, not lie against other religions. A different question is information about how people of different religions behave. But that’s different that’s information and saying the truth about what’s going on. Not presenting Mohammad naked or a pig crucified. The former is free speech the second is merely insulting each other, spread hate and suffering. A way to nowhere but disaster.

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