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Vladimir Putin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vladimir Putin is moving towards a cold-war mood. in a few days he canceled the 20 years-old USAID program for Russia and announced a huge defense industry modernization program. He decided to abruptly terminate all the USAID’s programs in Russia amid old-fashioned accusations that you can translated in that old soviet idea: this american aid workers are all a bunch of spies. We don’t want them in here: Yankees go home with your programs, your money and your spies with lamb coats. No matter the colas-war is over, there is a theoretical cooperation, the US and Russia are no longer enemies or so they say.

After closing the US assistance programs, Putin announced a modernization of  Russian Armed Forces for $641 billion by 2020. It’s a new defense industry modernization program that includes increased private investment and improved social benefits for employees. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin will be in charge.

Russian defence industry brings together 1,353 organisations and companies in 64 regions of the country, and employs over two million people.The government has allocated 20 trillion rubles ($641 billion) to the comprehensive rearmament of Russia’s Armed Forces. It is hoped this will see the share of modern weaponry reach 30 percent by 2015, with this figure rising to 70 percent by 2020. An additional 3 trillion rubles (approximately $100 billion) in public funds and about the same amount in private investment have been allocated to modernise the defence industry over the next decade, according to RIA Novosti.

Is clear that Russia wants to be a great power again standing alone and not as a  reluctant allied. It has been seen in the Security Council of the UN in the Syria case using its veto  in behalf of the Al Assad Regime defending its interests in the Country as is the Naval base of Tartus.

The problem with Putin is that the Cold-War mood can go further, not only to see in every american official a spy, or to make efforts to remodel the army, but to act against the real democracy in his country. The first symptom was his constitutional game to perpetuate himself in power with the help of Medvedev. Now, president again, after a disputed election, has to face protests. Let’s see now how will be his record in  letting free speech and democracy into the country.

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