September 28, 2012

A Thick Red Line

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu drew, literally, a thick red line on a cartoon-like cardboard to represent the no cross point his government is prepared to wait before act in front of the capability of Iran to have a deadly nuclear bomb. “Red lines don’t lead to war; red lines prevent war”, he said. But the red line he drew has attached a threat of pre-emptive war if Iran ever reach the 90% of enriched uranium to make a bomb which can be next year. By now, president Obama is against red lines like the one drew by Mr. Netanyahu yesterday. Another war, or threat of war in the Middle East and with a big county like Iran is not a joke and the wounds of Afghanistan and Iraq are too fresh and open. That is a dangerous region in  a dangerous world in a dangerous moment and is very difficult to understand why to fuel more violence in a yet on fire space of the world with new open threats and suspicions of a possibility of a unilateral action. Besides, I think the cardboard was ominous and somehow insulting to intellect of the audience. So childish, so cartoon-like. I guess the UN delegates are able to understand the idea without the drawing of a round bomb with a sparkling fuse we all know is not like an atomic bomb, but, you get the idea. unbelievable but true.

The image was clear: in one year we can have another war. Iran doesn’t appear to be willing to stop its nuclear program that it claims is peaceful for civil purposes, so by the program will reach the thick red line in 2013. There are only a few months for negotiation to stop the pre-emptive war and I guess two more months to see more clearly what the US after the elections will do in this frightening matter.

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