Syria mortar fire into Turkey/

The killing of a family in the turkish town of Akcakale during a Syrian mortar attack  from the other side of the border had immediate answer in the form of retaliation shelling Syrian military positions over the border, but also in the form of an authorisation of cross-border military action against Syria, if deemed necessary  by the government for one year, passed by the Parliament. The first fact was somehow expected and no too much commented in the international media, the second prompted a big international reaction.

Meanwhile Syrians officials said they will investigate the source of the mortar attack, offered condolences for the killed and asked that their borders may be respected and controlled against weapons smugglers and terrorists. The situation in the border is volatile and the violence is such that is not so clear that the Syrian army will be able or willing to keep the promises and respect by they way the border with Turkey or with all the other bordering countries where there have been incidents also.

The situation and the authorisation of the use of force against Syria by the Turkish Parliament prompted a NATO emergency meeting on the situation.  The military body backed its member and said that the authorisation of use of force is not a declaration of war but is mean to act as a deterrent. NATO say it was against any escalation of the Syrian conflict. Syria had the back of Russia: it was  an isolated accident, not an attack.  Later, the UN Security Council was debating the Issue, with no so much hope of a useful declaration as always with the conflicting vetoes of Russia and China pro Syria and the others likely pro Turkey.

Turkey said will use the authorisation to use force according with the international community.

But the fact is that the Government has authorisation to use force in Syria, is using it and can use it in the future and the violence in the border has escalated with the shelling that killed a turkish family and spread the fear among the population already difficult by the closeness of the battles at the other side of the border and the flow of refugees.

Why facts doesn’t cry louder than documents, declarations and meetings until is too late?

For Syrians is already too late. Syrian people are suffering for too long too much. Now this is going over borders to Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. Only Turkey has it seems the willing and the strength to answer if the Syrian army cross the border after the refugees and commit “accidents” like the one in Akcakale.

Meanwhile, inside Syria people still suffering being killed and living in a deadly war for months and months and nobody or nothing seems to have the will or the strength to stop the bloodshed.

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