Malala Yousafzai/

Malala Yousafzai, 14, was shot in the head by a Taliban activist because she was openly spoke for the right of girls to receive education in the Swat valley of Pakistan. Here father had a private school for girls and they have to fly during the dominion of the Taliban in the region for three months and after that they came back. She began her activism at 11 years old and had a blog on-line in the BBC talking about how important was school for her and her friends, and the difficulties she had with the advance of the Taliban and extremists in the area and her fears.

She wanted to be a doctor. Something any girl in the western world can dream on without risking her life, like Malala did. Now a terrorist who thinks women had nothing to do with education and brains and consider that an “obscenity” put a bullet in her gifted brain to teach “a lesson” as they said. A lesson without books or teachers, a lesson with weapons, fire, rage, cowardice, cold blood. An armed man against a school bus full with terrified children, shooting girls only because one of them was talking openly against them and the others were going to school being women.

The doctors have been able to remove the bullet  but she is fighting for her life in critical situation as I’m writing this entry.The other girls wounded were in a stable condition.

Malala’s story tells also the story of so many unknown girls and their families who are pursuing an education or other fundamental rights in places like the Swat valley or others controlled by extremists like the Taliban around the world. They may be known like Malala was or unknown, but all of them are risking their lives to achieve a goal made difficult by the intolerance and the violence of extremism against women. All of them deserve our respect and our help.

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