A suicide terrorist attacked another Roman Catholic church in Kaduna, Nigeria in the middle of the Mass when the temple was crowded, killing at least eight people and injuring over 100. The st. Rita Church was badly damaged according witnesses by the hit of a car loaded with explosives. Kaduna is a city situated almost in central Nigeria on the dividing line between  mainly Muslim North and mostly Christian South. Is in the North where religious fighting g has killed hundreds in recent years, mostly by attacks carried by an extremist group called Boko Haram that is against the government, wants no christians in the North of Nigeria and impose the Sharia law. There have been some retaliations from young christians also.

According to the BBC, many people have come to the city of Kaduna in recent months in search of “sanctuary” from violence in other parts of northern Nigeria more violent. Now the violence has reached “sanctuary”.  In fact, in June Boko Haram attacked three churches in the state of Kaduna and at least 50 people died in the bombings and retaliations after the attacks.

The fact is that in Northern Nigeria being christian is almost impossible and supposes put his or her own life on the line like the worshipers who went today to Mass at St Rita in Kaduna. And this is something never would have to happen to any worshiper from any religion in any part of the world. The Pope Benedict XVI said after the attacks in June, “I appeal to those responsible for the violence to immediately stop spilling the blood of innocent people.” And he urged Nigerians “to cooperate in the construction of a peaceful and reconciled society in which the right to freely express faith is guaranteed.”

We also can cooperate wherever we are being really compromised to the cause of this right to freely express faith without been even mocked for that, to don’t talk about putting one’s life in risk like many of our brothers and sisters are doing every day.

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