People in St. Peter’s square cheering there is a new Pope / Alberto Pizzoli/ afp/ Getty images

We have a new Pope in the Roman Catholic Church, Francis the first. The first American (from Argentina), the first Jesuit, the first with the name Francis, the first in my life who made us pray for him in silence and for his predecessor in loud voice in his firsts remarks to the crowd. It was deeply moving for me. But the part of the conclave I love the most just passed moments before all that. It’s when the white smoke announces a new Pope and all the faithful began to cheer him not knowing who he is. It is a unique experience of the Church. We have a new pastor and we love him no matter who he is. We don’t care if he is between the “papabile” the candidates that the “vaticanists” use to make their predictions. We only care there is another successor of Peter in Rome.

In this case cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was not among the names more cited by the experts. Once again, the only expert in this election is prayer in the Sistine Chapel and the Holy Spirit. And this is not an easy source for journalists. Today, the new Pope Francis went to pray to the Virgin Mary to Sancta Maria Maggiore. His first outing as Pope. All at the moment is prayer, asked and given for all the world and a name chosen that speaks of simplicity and poverty. This is the Church I love

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