President George W. Bush addresses sailors dur...

President George W. Bush addresses sailors during the “Mission Accomplished” speech, May 1, 2003. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almost ten years ago, then president George W. Bush appeared in front of a banner with the words “Mission Accomplished” in the war in Iraq. Ten years after that, the country still in turmoil, with no security, sectarian violence more than 4.800 coalition soldiers killed, most of them US military, more than 100.000 iraqis killed in the war, more than 600.000, according to Al Jazeera, in the turmoil and terrorist attacks in this ten years. And all that searching for some never founded Weapons of Mass Destruction alleged in the hands of the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Now,  Saddam is dead, was hung, his terror regime his history, it is clear that the weapons that triggered the war didn’t exist, but the attack has been done. The Country is a chaos, many lives have been lost and many are in risk. Maybe the fall of Saddam could have been taking place without so great and long bloodshed and so many countries involved.

The mistake was plain: Destroy what it was in place without have a good plan to replacement.

But first of all, go to war without provocation or previous attack as a self-defense was the mistake. War is the last option of self-defense of a Country and is always an evil. You know how begins but not even imagine how it is and what can happen in it. Only something is sure: death, hate, retaliations, injustices, innocent people suffering and dying or getting wounded or disabled forever, impoverishment, years and years of recovering after all is over.

No war is a good war and in this war mission was not accomplished nor ten years ago and, I would say, nor ten years after.

We need builders of peace not makers of war. There are too many wars in progress and it is a great danger of internationalization of some of them like Syria, Mali, and the threat of Korea to mention some of the red points now making news.

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