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Obama speaks of two States solution in Ramallah
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Middle East, World and Politics on March 21, 2013 0 Comments
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Abbas and Obama in Ramallah/cbs

President Obama spoke in the West Bank about the two States solution for Israel and Palestine, but said that unilateral actions from both sides undermines the goal, one of them the constant building of settlements in the occupied territories by the jewish settlers. The US president did not bring a plan for new peace talks, but said that the Palestinian deserve to stop living under occupation and have their own State to live as a Nation and as a neighbor of the Israelis. Too many things still as good wishes with no practical consequences and no calendar. And there is always the question if the US could press a little more to Israel in the settlement question or Israel is in this matter more powerful and would do its will as until now, knowing that it’s settlement policy is making the Palestinian State more unrealistic day by day.

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