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Amnesty International (Photo credit: AslanMedia)

Russian authorities are pressuring human rights groups, nongovernmental groups and non profit organizations above all the ones who have financial sources from abroad and last Monday raided the local headquarters of  Amnesty International and 19 organizations more.

According to a report by the New York Times, “Pavel Chikov, a member of Russia’s presidential human rights council, said offices of dozens of nonprofit organizations had been searched across Russia in March, including at least 20 organizations on Monday.”

Always according to the New York Times Report, the Russian Parliament has adopted a new legislation that, people working for nongovernment or non profit or humanitarian organization financed from abroad are required to register as “foreign agents”, and some groups cannot employing foreigners in leadership positions. A representative for the Ministry of Justice told that information from the raids would be used to check compliance with the new law on “foreign agents”.

Vladimir Putin‘s regime its growing nationalistic and more cold-war like with that suspicion to everything coming from abroad or not, like anyone who doesn’t agree with the regime is a spy. An old tale too known and too predictable in an ex KGB agent turned in a powerful politician (seen before with better results). He is another political figure who nowadays designed a system to perpetuate himself in power using “democratic” means changing laws and constitutional dispositions as did the late Hugo Chavez. He is, in my opinion, a dangerous figure for the democracy, the future of Russia and the surrounding countries. Turning everything in a question of spies and mutual suspicions is not a good thing for peaceful living without non necessary stresses in social life. Turning humanitarian workers in “foreign agents” is a bad development.


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