Syrian refugees in Turkey/

Syrian refugees in Turkey/

After more than two years of war according to the UN Refugee Agency there are 1,221,491 Syrian refugees in the region and counting….

Of them 963,415 are registered and 258,076 awaiting registration. according to the UNHCR, the country more loaded of refugees is Lebanon, with 396,931 refugees, followed by Jordan with 385,545. Then appears Turkey with 261,635. Iraq has 121,320, and Egypt 47,798

There is a drama for thousands of families forced to fly and to live far away from home without anything pending of the charity of others in countries not precisely rich enough and free from problems to absorb so big flow of refugees.

A drama that its added to that other bigger drama of the people who couldn’t escape and died in the war. And the only prediction right now for it is to grow, because there is no any sign to some movement to stop the fighting and the war and establish a government in Syria that can guaranty the safe return to the people to their homes.

According to Al Jazeera the opposition coalition seemed on the verge of collapse after its president Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib offered his resignation only days before representing the coalition in the most recent Arab League summit and called for  protection of the Syrian territory with patriot missiles by US. But the US doesn’t want to involve in the Syrian conflict. There is the danger that everything collapses in a warlords land being Al Assad one of them, say some analysts. So a years-long instability and suffering for innocent people.

What can we do? Not too much is true, but is something: Help the refugees, but above all press to stop the war and end the indifference. It’s too long, too much blood, too much innocent people suffering. Don’t let them alone!

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