Civilians evacuated from Vukovar after the siege and the fall of the city

Civilians evacuated from Vukovar after the siege and the fall of the city

I’m glad the UN approved the Arms Trade Treaty for a vast majority, with the only opposition of Iran Syria and North Korea and absences of countries like China, Cuba or Venezuela. I know this Treaties are difficult to control and now this one need to be ratified for the countries before it enters in effect, but it is a step up. Less weapons out there, more opportunities to live for many people.

My family, you know, is from Croatia. Two of my uncles were killed in the WWII one only because he was a 30 years old priest, the other a 20 years old student forced recruited. My father, a journalist who never touched a weapon in his life, was almost killed in a concentration camp, but survived by a miracle. Years  after the story begun again and the next generation, my cousins,(one is dead) were forced to go to war again, and in both sides of the front line because of nothing more than the geography. Nor ideology, religion or ethnicity. The only thing we could do then was pray for all of them on each side asking God to preserve their lives in a great suffering for all of them. This is why I can’t stand the weapons trade that only is good to make possible stories like this one end others worse all around the Globe. Each Treaty limiting the trade of weapons is a good thing. Less weapons more opportunities to live, more opportunities to peace. I’m glad with the achievement and hope the Treaty will be ratified and accomplished. I know is difficult, but I like to live with hope. Hope for peace.

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