Destruction in Syria after more than two years of war/

Destruction in Syria after more than two years of war/

UN says it can run out of money for some of the Syrian refugee camps by June, above all in Jordan where there are more than 385.500 refugees from a total of 1,221,500 in all the region around Syria after more than two years of war and, according to the UN more than 70.000 dead people.

This, knowing that thousands of the refugees are pending of registering by the UN, talks about the dimension that has the drama that are living this civilians who fled the Country and by now don’t see any sight of solution in the horizon.

How many dead people and refugees you need to see some hope or some movement that can lead to the end of this carnage?.

According to a report by AlJazera, the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad said that the fall of his regime or the breakup of Syria will unleash a “Domino Effect” that will fuel Middle East instability for years to come, accused the countries that receive refugees of helping the rebels against him, and warned they would eventually pay a heavy price.

“We are surrounded by countries that help terrorists and allow them to enter Syria,” he told the Turkish TV.”Everybody knows that if the disturbances in Syria reach the point of the country’s breakup, or terrorist forces control Syria … then this will immediately spill over into neighbouring countries and there will be a domino effect that will reach countries across the Middle East”.

If the “Rebels” had so many help from abroad maybe Al Assad wouldn’t be in Damascus any more and we all would know already if the Domino’s effect would had take place or not and in which Countries. From abroad the only thing you can see is one piece of the domino stumbling isolated, without any Country  daring to put itself at reach to be touched more than has been yet with the refugees. And meanwhile the war enters its third year with people continuing to flying only to find out that if there is no an urgent and  successful campaign, there will be no money to sustain them in the refugee camps.

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