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Palestinians from Syria: refugees among refugees
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Dialog and diplomacy, Ethics, Middle East, World and Politics on April 8, 2013 0 Comments
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A palestinian refugee receive food in Syria/
A palestinian refugee receive food in Syria/

To be a Palestinian refugee in Syria is now twice a problem. They are already foreigners in the country and now with the fighting around Damascus have been forced to fly as refugees to the neighbor countries, again as a strangers among the others. I’m impressed by some pieces by AlJazeera I saw this days. One of them explaining how the Palestinians who had flown from Syria to Lebanon doesn’t have the same rights than their Syrian co-refugees. According to the reporter, they can only stay in the camp one week or two and then go away or begin to pay to stay. And they don’t have the same rights to medical care. Finally they have to go back to Syria and face the life on war or search help in some of the crowded Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon.

Is the drama and the curse of a nation without a state and territory, a people stranger everywhere for generations awaiting for a never coming negotiation to solve their situation. Because they are by now in words by the Palestinian side in the negotiations but in fact they are out. The return of the refugees to Palestine is one of the more difficult points of one in fact non-existent negotiation that is bringing on the ground more settlements, less territory for the Palestinian State, more difficulties for the Palestinian people who live there. What then to speak about the millions of refugees in other countries without a right to any citizenship even after more than six decades?

And when the war reaches this countries like now Syria, they suffer the consequences exactly the same like the citizens, or more because they have fewer resources. But then if they fly, they don’t have the same rights of other refugees because they are already refugees? I don’t understand the logic. If someone does, please explain to me.


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