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Putin wants to silence another voice: Golos
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Dialog and diplomacy, Europe, Ideals, Justice, World and Politics on April 10, 2013 One Comment
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Vladimir Putin

No matter the critics in Western Europe Mr. Putin is decided to go forward with his harassment to the NGO in Russia under the law that force them to register as foreign agents if they have some fundings from abroad. This time, after more than a hundred of raids in non-profit organizations and NGO  unannounced and without any charges, the federal Justice Ministry decided to use for the first time the law against the foreign organizations against Golos, Russia’s only independent election monitoring organization, saying that they and their executive director had violated the law by failing to register as a “foreign agent”, a term that sounds as a cold war era “spy”.

Golos (Voice in Russian) had USAID funding but since the expelling of this organization by the Kremlin doesn’t have this money any more. Bu it still identified like a pro US organization by the Government and a non friendly because during the last elections they collected and published evidence of alleged fraud in favour of the party in power.

In their website in russian there is an English article that portrays all this as a personal vendetta by Mr. Putin.

As predictable, the direct critics from the German Premier Angela Merkel did not any effect to Vladimir Putin who is pursuing his personal agenda against anything seen as a problem to his (by wish absolute) power. For now Golos is the first organization formally charged by the law of “foreign agents”, but the problem is that this can be only the beginning  of an indiscriminate silencing of independent voices in Russia only because they are uncomfortable for the government

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