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Venezuela after the elections: a deep division
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Americas, World and Politics on April 15, 2013 2 Comments
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Voters in Venezuela/
Voters in Venezuela/

The only thing that is clear after the first elections in Venezuela without Chávez is that the outcome was a deep division: According to the The National Electoral Council Chavez’s heir, Nicolás Maduro won 50.66% and his opponent Henrique Capriles obtained 49.07%,  less than 300,000 ballots appart. Capriles already has asked for a recount. At the beginning of the campaing the pollsters said there was a gap of 10 points between the two candidates in favor of Maduro, but in fact after all the emotional campaign in the name of Chávez he couldn’t keep the difference and the elections had shown that Venezuela without Chávez is not the same any more. If Capriles obtains the recount of the ballots or not, and whatever the outcome of this recount of the votes would be, the break of the Venezuelan society in two middles is guarantee for a long time. It would be a process worth to observe carefully. And especially to look at the moves of the military and the people trained by the populist movement created by the late Chávez. Once again, the only thing this elections have shown is that Venezuela is a  Country now divided in two parts almost equally in force, which is a very complicated situation to govern without unnecessary tensions and in peace to go on in prosperity.

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