I read a report about a 14 years old US citizen boy arrested near Ramallah accused of throwing stones to moving vehicles, and according a lawyer consulted by the author, the boy can be sentenced to a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. In some european countries that would be the equal to a sentence for an adult  accused of a killing.

Mohammad Khaleq

Mohammad Khaleq

The AlJazeera report explains how the boy, a Palestinian born in New Orleans, was arrested at his home near Ramallah, and held for two days in interrogation without contact with a lawyer or his parents. He is set to be tried in a military court.

Always according to the report the boy, named Mohammad Khaleq

“is one of 236 Palestinian children in Israeli jails, according to UNICEF. Having a foreign passport in addition to his Palestinian identity papers does not grant Mohammad any special treatment, and he is set to be tried in a military court that does not fully differentiate between children and adults. An estimated 700 children are arrested by Israel every year, according to a recent report released by UNICEF, where many suffer beatings, verbal abuse, psychological intimidation and sleep deprivation. Since the year 2000, more than 8,000 children have been arrested, with the Israeli military court conviction rate standing at 99.74 percent”.

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