From abroad and not being American despite have lived in the Country for years it is very difficult to understand the gun lobby power over there. In my last entry I quoted an editorial of the New York Times after the last vote at the Senate on the limits of selling guns after the massacre of Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Vice President Joe Biden said to Time recently:

“I have no illusions about what we’re up against… but also have never seen the Nation’s conscience so shaken”.

He was right. The Nation’s conscience might be shaken, but the politicians’ not so much.

The world’s conscience  was also shaken and since everybody is always looking at what is doing the US this “nothing” answer is kind of disappointing. The report of Time said that there are 310 million of firearms in the hands of US civilians, some of them with many weapons at their disposition.

It is very difficult to understand why there are necessary for self-defense purposes so many weapons and above all semi-automatic weapons, more fitting in a war than in a Country at peace struggling with common and at times not so common violence like the US. It’s very difficult to understand what is the purpose of that kind of weapons in the hands of civilians when there are security forces to defend them against violent acts.

One solitary person with a semiautomatic weapon can do a massacre and kill innocent children in seconds without any way to being stopped we all have seen that. Now there was a public opinion trend against the free selling of this kind of assault weapons to any civilian or without background checks, above all, knowing that an increase number of criminals are using this kind of weapons since the ban on sales expired. But not only the assault weapons will be on the counter, but even the new background checks didn’t pass at the Senate.

The gun lobby wins again. More massacres assassinations and crimes will be necessary to shake the consciences of the politicians enough to face the interests of the NRA the sellers, manufacturers and the whole weapons industry targeted at the civilian market. It is true that mass killers can find the means to create horror also with restrictions. But it is clear that with fewer guns on the streets and letting act to a well-trained security forces a lot of lives can be saved and violent crimes defused. Maybe politicians should work more in build a good system of security forces to protect the civil society than sell themselves to the interests of the gun lobby.

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