Next time you see a cheap dress or pair of jeans or a T-shirt “made in Bangladesh” in a Western chain store, like Primark, Bonmarche, Wal-Mart, Mango, Benetton, The Children’s Place or Dress Barn, for instance,  think for a moment in some 200 dead people and 1,000 injured in a building collapse in Dhaka. Think […]

The two kidnapped Orthodox bishops are not free, as I reported quoting bishop Tony Yazigi in a statement to Reuters from Damascus. According to more recent news the two bishops never arrived to Aleppo and remain in the hands of their kidnappers. There are no news about who are behind the kidnapping. The abductors killed […]

Both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International denounce that since Putin returned to the presidency in May 2012, there has been a “crackdown in civil society” without precedents in post-Soviet era, says HRW. All this with a bunch of new laws and amendments of existing laws that compromise the rights of free speech, free association, free […]

Violence begets violence, but the violent answer depends of the individual human being affected by the real, fictional or virtual attack by direct means, in the media, in the movies or the video games. Under the same attack a man or a woman can react with violence driven by hate or retaliation or peacefully as […]

Two Syrian bishops were kidnapped on Monday by armed rebels in the northern province of Aleppo, according several sources. The Syriac Orthodox and Greek Orthodox Archbishops of Aleppo, Yohanna Ibrahim and Paul Yazigi, were seized in the village of Kfar Dael, on the road to Aleppo from the rebel-held Bab al Hawa crossing with Turkey […]


Pope Francis

I would like to ask you: have you sometimes heard the voice of the Lord which through a desire, a certain restlessness, invites you to follow Him more closely? Have you heard it? (…) Have you had any desire to be apostles of Jesus? Youth must spend itself for high ideals. Do you think so? Do you agree? Ask Jesus what he wants from you and be brave! Be brave, ask Him!!! Behind and before every vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life, is always the strong and intense prayer of someone: a grandmother, a grandfather, a mother, a father, a community … That’s why Jesus said, “Pray the Lord of the harvest – that is, God the Father – to send out laborers into his harvest”. The vocations are born in prayer and from prayer, and only in prayer can they persevere and bear fruit.

Nicolás Maduro, Hugo Chávez’s heir, has been sworn in as President of Venezuela in a rush with the support of many Central and South American Countries, Cuba an Iran, among other representations present in the ceremony. Mr. Maduro is the President of a very divided Nation, because he won with a very tight margin (less than 300.000 votes […]