The flag of Syrian Arab Republic / Damascus, Syria

The flag of Syrian Arab Republic / Damascus, Syria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Israelis bombed some military and scientific Syrian targets near Damascus. At least they don’t deny it, and knowing the history of incursions in Syrian air space it is easy to believe. The attack comes three days after another one against – they said – a shipment of surface-to-surface missiles from Iran for Hezbollah. The second attack is more directed against the Al Assad regime itself. Hezbollah backs the regime of Bashar Al Assad in Syria as well as Iran.

With this two attacks Israel enters the Syria’s war, and it seems it is against Al Assad. Something not welcome by the opposition to Al Assad nor the Arab League that want Israel out of the picture in an armed conflict, no matter what side is the target of their bombings. Al Assad regime has tried to take advantage of the situation to accuse the opposition to work with the hated Israel in front of the arabs, and to accuse Israel to work with terrorists in front to the western allies of his neighbor.

The Syrian Coalition took distance and issued a note that

“condemns the Israeli attacks on the Syrian Center for Scientific Research in Jamaraya near Damascus. The Coalition holds the Assad regime fully responsible for weakening the Syrian Army by exhausting its forces in a losing battle against the Syrian people; who are the reason for its existence. It is clear that the regime, which claims to be an opposing force, is instead weakening Syria in the face of an enemy. Until this point, the regime has worked at maintaining the best interests of the Assad family and the Assad rule. This has lead to wasted human capacity, a declining economy and weakened national foundations, which are gradually bringing the nation closer to total collapse.”

The Arab League wants a UN Security Council intervention to stop such Israeli attacks.

Meanwhile in Damascus, the Al Assad regime, said that the Israeli bombings near the capital “open the door to all possibilities” regarding Israel. Syria’s information minister, Omran al-Zoubie’s said it was Syria’s duty to protect the state from any “domestic or foreign attack through all available means”.

So, who benefits from the bombings? I’d dare to say nobody because it’s an escalation of the war that introduces a third player nobody wants to see in a very violent and complicated situation and introduces as well a risk of a further internationalization of the conflict.

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