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English: Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Israel is trying to explain its attacks on Syria’s soil without recognizing them officially, and after a meeting of the security cabinet “the main decision was to send as pacifying a message as possible to Syrian President Bashar Assad, in order to prevent further escalation in the north” reported Haaretz.

After an air strike is difficult to send a “pacifying message”. In this case the content is that the attacks are aimed to Hezbollah and not to the regime of Al Assad, but the fact is that is an incursion in the air space and an attack on the soil of a sovereign Country (in the middle of a war, its true, but still, a foreign Country), destroying targets and buildings, and according to some reports from Syria, killing some 100 soldiers, is by the books an act of war.

But the US and the UK already said that Israel has the right to defend itself from Iran arming Hezbollah, even when that means attack another Country, and others are silent. The truth is that Israel feels it has the right to attack wherever it wants against the menace it sees in Iran and Hezbollah, without paying any price for it in the international community, and its taking advantage now of  the chaos of Syria. But that can internationalize the conflict, and this is a great risk for the Region.

Prime Minister Netanyahu seems pretty sure his “pacifying message” will be “understood” or Al Assad will not have the means or the courage to answer the attack, because he is traveling to China where is already the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. It seems that China  wants to be now an actor in the diplomatic scene of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis in this difficult times, plus make economical agreements with them if possible. 

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