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From low-key culture to terrorism
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Ideals, Journalism, Our Life on May 8, 2013 0 Comments
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I was a very green journalist going to cover some low-key cultural event in my city ready to a boring evening, when suddenly I saw from my taxi a car speeding with three or for men two of them clearly armed with guns. We were close to the palace of the Civil Governor who was on the street surrounded by bodyguards, and I saw him looking at the same direction the car was going. It was 1986. I forget my assignment, said the driver to stop near a telephone booth, and began to follow my new story. The men were members of the “Guardia Civil” from Spain going after some terrorists of ETA. Two terrorists were shot and wounded trying to escape and others were captured at home. The “Guardia Civil” team found a hiding place with a big arsenal of weapons of the terrorists. I called from the telephone booth to the newsroom and they sent to me help with a photo reporter and another writer but I was the one who had the story and the one who entered the hiding place with my photo reporter, witnessed the whole operation and wrote one of the best reports for my newspaper just a few months after I began working there. So that promised to be boring evening, finally was one of the most scary and exciting nights in my early career.

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