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A few days after the agreement between Russia and the US to hold an international conference of peace about Syria with the participation of all the sides, the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov confirmed that Russia still sending weaponry to Al Assad regime.  “Russia is not planning to sell, Russia has sold a long time ago, and is completing supplies of the equipment (which is anti-aircraft systems), according to the already signed contracts,” Lavrov explained.

The US consider that Al Assad has to step down from power in any scenario for a political solution on Syria, and is considering increasing its help to the Syrian National Coalition if the conversations doesn’t work. This opposition organization already stated that “any peaceful solution requires the immediate removal of Bashar Al-Assad and the heads of his security apparatus; any solution that does not includes these elements is rejected at the political level and by the people of Syria”

So, Russia and the US agree to talk but still acting in opposite ways which doesn’t bring too much hope for the immediate success of the conversations. It make think in a long series of talks only to put on the table the disagreements and set further conversations.

It’s not clear if the US and Russia will ask for a cease-fire during this first international peace conference they are planing to hold at the end of may with all sides on it. Meanwhile there is fighting and the situation on the ground can deteriorate. Now it seems that the regime of Al Assad has gained momentum with its last attacks, and time and help in form of “supplies of equipment ” would be welcome from them.

It’s not clear either who will attend the conference. The US said Al Assad is not part of the solution and Russia still acting with his regime as the legitimate government of the Country because it’s making business with them. At the same time the US is acting as if the Syrian National Coalition is a vital part of the solution, but the Russian are not so comfortable with them.  There is yet to decide who will attend as a part of the “international” representation in addition to the US and Russia.

Too many questions to answer and too much work for the diplomats to solve if they want to achieve the goal  to hold the international peace conference on Syria in May, but it is important to do it soon in behalf of millions of Syrians refugees or displaced because of the war, or trapped in the cities without electricity or water as a result of the fighting. There have been already more than two years and more than 70.000 dead people before some move like this conference arrive, and this only after Israel threatened to internationalize the conflict bombing some targets near Damascus hitting Hezbollah, Al Assad, and getting angry Iran.

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