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Lebanon wounded and in risk by another foreign war. Again. The latest news talks about two assassination attempts against a pro-Hezbollah Lebanese leaders one of them in Sidon, at the Mediterranean coast, far away from the border with Syria. And there is news about clashes in the northern city of Tripoli between Al Assad regime supporters and pro-Syrian rebels fighters. At least 29 people died last month and at least six last monday, some by sniper fire in the center of the city. There are also clashes in the eastern border.

Saad Hariri, the former Lebanese prime minister called the army and the security forces to prevent Lebanon destabilization from outside. The statement says

“We expressed more than once our fear of a wicked plot targeting Tripoli and its people, and called on the army and all the official security forces to prevent those who are assaulting the dignity and safety of the citizens and implementing foreign orders that aim at destabilizing Lebanon in general and Tripoli in particular, from carrying out their plot. The state with its military and security forces must resolve to stop the saga of bloodshed and destruction, and end the illegal actions threatening the national security. We, on our part, with all those who support the State and the army, will not provide cover for any negligence that is costing lives.

The silence on the crime committed against Tripoli is a crime in itself, and we will not accept this anymore. The state is responsible for the city and it is responsible, through the army and all the security forces, of preventing any discord from the part of those working to import the Syrian fire into Lebanon.”

Meanwhile the efforts to convene the parts in an international conference of peace are less and less productive and the moves to add weapons into the field are going more easily. Russia is sending missiles to Al Assad, the EU has already lifted the embargo to the rebels and the US is sending Patriot missiles and F-16 jets to Jordan.

The Syrian National Coalition is falling apart with a big group leaving it and is not willing to talk with Al Assad nor with Russia after Moscow vetoed in the UN’s Security Council a resolution condemning Assad and Hezbollah’s blockade and attack on Qusair. The National Coalition said in a statement that this decision makes Russia an accomplice of Al Assad regime.

“The Syrian Coalition – says the statement – believes that these actions should deny Russia a serious role in building an effective political solution to stop the bloodshed and work towards the Syrian people’s aspirations.

While Russia is complicit with the destruction of the Syrian people’s precious heritage, they will never prevent the Syrian people from achieving their aspirations. The Syrian people have decided to rise up against tyranny and fight for their freedom and shall continue this revolt to the end”.

So, not much room for talks after this statement.

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