June 12, 2013

Stop the war

You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?

By imelenchon

By imelenchon

If I had the power to enact a single law I would try an international law that would banned all production and commerce with weapons to stop wars like the Syrian war, for instance.

But I know this is more than naïf because many countries whose economy depends of the weapons industry would not accept the law. And in the countries that are potential buyers would be a flourishing black market. Almost all drastic bans produce black markets. Besides, right now the events are going in the opposite direction, with the embargo of weapons from the EU to the rebels in  Syria recently lifted and the shipping of missiles from Russia to the regime of Al Assad, and the US sending jets and missiles to Jordan near to the theater of that war.

Even so I would try it.  Destroy the weapons market and beginning with the weapons of mass destruction. All of them, in all countries, at the same time by mutual agreement.

I would define war itself as a weapon of mass destruction, because it is so. Destruction of thousands, millions of lives because of games of power, hate, economic interests, or who knows what hidden reason. And because of that it should be abolished and condemned and stopped when it happens. Above all is condemnable who begins the war, because everybody has the right to a proportionate self-defense once attacked.

In Syria, for instance, the war has already cost more than 90.000 lives and more than 4.6 million internal displaced people plus more than 1.2 million of refugees. And is menacing to drag Lebanon into the conflict. This is a mass destruction pending to know if one o both sides had used gas sarin in the fight.

Today  a Syrian helicopter has opened fire on a square of a Lebanese border town of Arsal, where most residents strongly support the rebellion against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, reported the Lebanese army . Arsal has sheltered fighters who fled the Syrian border town of Qusayr, recently captured by Assad’s forces backed by Lebanese group Hezbollah.

Violence from Syria has increasingly spilled into Lebanon. There have been fierce violence in Tripoli in the North, with dozen killed, two sporadic attacks against Hezbollah  controlled neighborhoods in Beirut and an attempt against a Hezbollah leader in Sidon. There is a danger that Lebanon gets dragged into another foreign war.

They say you know how wars begins, but you never know how it ends and this is the case in Syria. What began as an internal conflict is now internationalized with Lebanon already affected and Israel, that already acted against Hezbollah bombing some targets near Damascus, now watching, ready to act again if they think is necessary.

Meanwhile all the efforts to put all together around a table to talk are everyday more difficult because of the change of the situation on the ground. Now that Bashar Al Assad, better armed has a better position he is willing to talk and the rebels doesn’t want to go to the negotiations unless they have access to more weapons. And nobody is talking about the main point: a cease-fire. Stop fighting and made possible to civilians to rest a little in the middle of all this horror

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