John Ging in Aleppo/OCHA G. Conell

John Ging in Aleppo/OCHA G. Conell

According to the UN, an average of more than 5,000 people have ben killed every month in Syria since last July because of the war. Since November among the victims were at least 6,561 children, including 1,729  younger than 10.

At the beginning of the year the Un estimated that the death toll of the war was 59,000 people and now their estimations situate the toll in 92,900, almost 93,000.

The UN officials worry about people in the rural areas around Damascus and Aleppo without humanitarian aid for a long period of time. And now there is news pointing at a new big battle for Aleppo that can have as a result  more deaths and more humanitarian disasters.

Meanwhile there are no encouraging news about the possibility for talks to stop the fighting and the bloodshed with the rebels willing to fight “to the end” of the regime of Bashar Al Assad and the regime taking more and more positions of force on the ground with the help of Hezbollah fighters and his superior weaponry.

The western countries that backed the opposition against Al Assad have  a big problem in their hands because the ones who don’t want to go to the talks in Geneva are their allies.

The conference was an idea after an agreement between the US and Russia. So the US have to convince the opposition to talk and Russia convince Al Assad.

When they reached the agreement, last May, it was easier the task of the US, because Al Assad appeared being cornered. But now that the situation on the ground has changed, the diplomatic situation has changed as well, and Al Assad, with the confidence of the battles and also of the shipping of missiles from Russia, is willing to send representatives to the conference. But the opposition doesn’t want to hear about that if they don’t have also some promise of help in form of weapons to fight Al Assad on the ground and stop him or maybe recover what they have lost in the last month or days like the strategic city of Qusayr.

But that doesn’t fit very well with preconditions for a conference of peace.

The preconditions must be a cease-fire, stop the cross border violence in Lebanon, a very needed agreements with both parts to ease the flow of the humanitarian aid to reach the civilians and internal displaced people trapped in rural areas and cities. Not how to provide more weapons to the sides in conflict to continue the fight that is costing so much lives and so much suffering to the people.

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