Iran celebrates Rouhani’s presidential win – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.


Hassan_Rouhani_croppedSummary: Moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani has called his defeat of conservative hardliners a victory of moderation over extremism and pledged a new tone of respect in international affairs.


Thousands of jubilant Iranians poured onto the streets in celebration of the victory on Saturday, chanting: “Long live reform! Long live Rouhani!”, according to witnesses at the scene.


“Ahmadi, bye bye!” they added in reference to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – who was legally barred from seeking a third consecutive term.


Many were dressed in purple, Rouhani’s campaign colour, and others in green, the colour of the reformist movement.


Rouhani will take up the presidency, the highest elected office in Iran’s hybrid clerical-republican system, in August.


“This victory is a victory of wisdom, a victory of moderation, a victory of growth and awareness and a victory of commitment over extremism and ill-temper,” Rouhani told state television, promising to work for all Iranians, including the hardline so-called “Principlists” whom he defeated at the poll.


“I warmly shake the hands of all moderates, reformists and Principlists,” he said.


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