575093_234434803331532_148111560_nAt least 100,191 people died in Syria as a result of the violence since the beginning of the conflict, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The organization, based in the UK,  has a net of volunteers on the ground collecting data and published the results in a statement saying that:

has documented 100,191 casualties since the beginning of the uprisings in 18/3/2011, from the first casualty in Dera’a, up till 24/6/2013.

The dead include:

36,661 civilians (including 5,144 children and 3,330 women aged above 18 years).

13,539 rebel fighters.

2,015 defected soldiers and officers.

25,407 regular soldiers.

2,571 unidentified casualties (documented with pictures and footage).

2,518 unidentified and non-Syrian rebel fighters (most of which are non-Syrians).

17,311 combatants from the popular defense committees, national defense forces, shabiha, and pro regime informers.

169 fighters from the Lebanese Hezbollah.

After this account of casualties, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights explains that the real number of dead people can be higher than the documented. The statement says:

The death toll does not include more than 10,000 detainees and missing persons inside of regime prisons, nor does it include more than 2,500 regular soldiers and pro regime militants held captive by rebel fighters. We also estimate that the real number of casualties from regular forces and rebel fighters is twice the number documented, because both sides are discreet about the human losses resulting from clashes.

At the end of the statement the organization ask for help to the UN

We at the Syrian Observatory appeal to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, to work through all possible means on putting an end to the violence in Syria and aiding the Syrian people in order to transition to a democratic, free, fair and equal state which preserves the rights of all components and factions of the Syrian people.

This is the more difficult part and the most needed. To stop the fighting as the first step, to end the war and  hold talks to reach a path towards a solution for this conflict that is lasting too much, killing and displacing too much people (they are talking about 1.7 million refugees and 4.6 million internal displaced people), causing so much suffering in Syria and instabilities in neighbouring countries.

But the harsh reality is that the sides are still fighting and the talks being delayed.

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  1. I think what is happening in Syria is a tragedy. People are getting killed, some are being recruited by the fsa forcefully,Others are being sexually harassed and the list goes on. What is however is a much greater tragedy is tht only a few societies and institutions are working for the wellfare of the Syrians like the UN. The American and othe officials are just delaying decisions on the possible courses of action like they don’t care if people die or not. I think everyone…. Each and every individual should try to help the Syrians by sending them aid against their oppressors or to urge our govt. to help the Syrians on a large scale. …
    I also reacently started writing a blog on human rights. I also wrote a detailed post on the Physical and psychological conditions of the Syrian children…. Feel free to check it out 😀

  2. I agree. Is a tragedy and it’s urgent to do something and stop delaying things. I’ll check your blog, thank you. 🙂

  3. 🙂 ur wrote a good pos

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