Israel urged U.S. not to halt aid to Egypt, says top American official – Diplomacy & Defense – Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper.

Summary: WASHINGTON − Israel last week urged senior U.S. officials not to respond to Egypt’s coup by halting the $1.3 billion in aid America gives the Egyptian army every year.

The Israeli request was transmitted via several different channels, a senior American official said.

The senior American official said the talks were aimed at coordinating U.S. and Israeli positions on the Egyptian crisis. During those calls, and in follow-up conversations afterward, the Israelis warned that cutting military aid to Egypt would likely impact negatively on Israel’s security, especially given the possibility of further security deterioration in Sinai.

They also warned that halting the aid could undermine Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt. Though the American aid isn’t officially part of the Camp David Accords, it began as a direct result of the treaty. Moreover, the United States is a signatory to the treaty’s security annex, alongside Israel and Egypt.

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