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Link: Almost 600 people killed so far in july in Iraq, most of them civilians, Al Jazeera reports
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Middle East, World and Politics on July 24, 2013 0 Comments
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Iraq’s summer of terror – Features – Al Jazeera English.

Summary: Baghdad, Iraq  Summer in Iraq has become a season of terror. 

Five years after pulling itself out of civil war, the country is again mired in a relentless series of bombings, political assassinations and sectarian attacks that have stalled progress many Iraqis hoped they would achieve.

This year the holy month of Ramadan – when many Muslims fast in the day and gather in mosques, cafés and markets in the evening – has been marked by almost daily attacks on a widening range of targets.

Almost 600 people have been killed so far in July, most of them civilians. This month’s toll follows a grim landmark in May when the UN reported at least 963 civilians had been killed and more than 2,000 injured in the biggest monthly casualty toll since 2008.


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