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Egypt interim presidency said on Wednesday that diplomatic efforts to solve the crisis are over and blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for the failure and “what may be the consequences”.

“Diplomatic efforts ended today. The state gave room for all necessary efforts to be exhausted in order to urge the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters to reject violence, prevent bloodshed and cease the disruption of Egyptian society by holding its future hostage,” the presidency’s statement read.

EU, US, UA and Qatar representatives have taken part in this diplomatic efforts, holding talks with Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders, some of them in prison. Even the EU foreign policy chief  Catherine Ashton met for two hours with ousted president Mohamed Morsi who is in custody in an unknown site.

But nothing changed the harsh reality of thousands of people in two large sit-ins in Cairo, protests in other cities as Alexandria asking for Morsi’s reinstatement and the memory of two bloody attempts to disperse them by force with the result of over 200 dead in clashes so far, most of them pro-Morsi demonstrators, 80 of them killed in a single day incident last 27th July. The incident happened just after huge demonstrations called by general El Sisi asking for support to act against the pro-Morsi sit-ins. After that incident there were warnings but not more attacks against the pro-Morsi demonstrators in Cairo. But tension is mounting.

Meanwhile the US Through John Kerry, Secretary of State, said that the military didn’t take over in Egypt but “were restoring democracy” when ousting Morsi. So general El Sisi knows he has the support of the US in his plans for the future of the country.

The interim Government now declared the pro Morsi sit-ins non-peaceful.

After declaring the diplomatic phase over, the only conclusion is that the interim Government is thinking in an action phase. So, back to the streets and to the risk of fresh violence?. Let’s see. There is no hope of defusing the protests without concessions to the Brotherhood. The Government is not conceding but blaming the Brotherhood in his statement. Not an easy time ahead for Egypt.

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