The Middle East is a powder keg, and today the flame is coming very near. We cannot talk merely about the Syrian response, but about what might take place after the first strike. But nobody knows what will happen. Everyone will lose control of the situation when the powder keg explodes. Chaos and extremism will spread. There is a risk of regional war

This was the answer Syrian president Bashar Al Assad gave in an interview with the French daily Le Figaro at the question of what would his response be in case of military strikes against Syria.

It’s not a secret that the situation in the Middle East is highly explosive and a military intervention can trigger a concatenation of events like the announced retaliation on Israel and a subsequent reaction by the Jewish state. The conflict can involve Syria, Israel, Lebanon and Iran plus the countries who decide to intervene, by now the US and France. The world is waiting for the US Congress to come back from vacations a debate about if Obama must or mustn’t order a strike on Syria as punishment for the gas attack in eastern Ghouta last 21st August. After days in which the military intervention appeared imminent, Obama’s decision to seek Congressional support put all in an impasse. Israel had everything ready, distributing gas masks among the population and deploying a anti-missile systems across the country.

Meanwhile voices asking for a negotiate solution are raising. The Arab League, despite consider Al Assad regime accountable for the chemical weapons attack, said that the situation have to be addressed through the UN Security Council and that a military intervention is out of the question.

Israeli analysts think Obama blinked when he decided to wait for the Congress approval before order a strike on Syria and that provoked criticism in members of the cabinet and the efforts of Prime Minister Netanyahu to calm them. Some US Media say that the president’s decision took Syria off-balance because they were expecting an immediate attack.

On the ground people continue suffering the consequences of the war and flying to the neighboring countries to escape from the fight and from the outcome of a possible attack.

Just two days before the US Congress meet after the vacations and discuss the Syrian crisis, Pope Francis will lead a day of fast and prayer for peace In Syria. He asked millions to take part from their homes and thousands to do it with him in Rome.

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